Small Town Times October Newsletter - Page 27

September Superintendent Report Litchfield Public Schools September 16, 2019 Approval of Local Substitute Teacher Hannah Goodenberger, current student teacher under Mrs. Varah, has put in an application to become a local substi- tute teacher. Enrollment Numbers for 2019-2020 as of September 11, 2019 Pre-K 15 7 th Grade 8 Total Enrollment 121 Kindergarten 16 8 th Grade 4 Last Year 121 1 st Grade 9 9 th Grade 7 2yrs ago 118 2 nd Grade 6 10 th Grade 10 3 yrs ago 3 rd Grade 9 11 th Grade 6 4 th Grade 8 12 th Grade 9 5 th Grade 5 7-12 total 6 th Grade 9 PK-6 th 101 44 (-2 to last year) 77 (+2 to last year) State Education Conference State Education Conference in Omaha is on November 20 th to 22 nd . We must register between September 11 th to 27 th . Hotels will need to be reserved on Monday morning on September COOP Update -Homecoming pep rally in Ansley -Using Ansley’s Activity Bus and our cost to only run theirs. -Arcadia update. Long Range Goals I have included the list from last year survey from the faculty, administration and the board. We can look at it and discuss our priorities for the year or if we want to wait on some for future. Bond Payoff Update I talked to John Trecek, our new representative from Ameritas. He looked into our bond agreement and the earliest that we can make bond payoff would be March of 2020. He said we can contact him in January if we would like to look into getting it set up to pay off some to the remaining Principal early.