Small Town Times October Newsletter

Litchfield School News 500 N. Main | 308 446-2244 | contact info: [email protected] | October 2019 issue FBLA 2019-20 Officer Team In This Issue FBLA Officer Team 1 Spartan Act Calendar 2 Oct Lunch Menu 3 School Activites 4 Counselors Corner 5 Art News Jr High Sport Teams 10 HS Varsity Team 11 HS Football Team 12 Jr High CC Team 12 Box Tops Info 2019-20 officers left to right: Chloe Ellison, Secretary; Katherine Paitz, Reporter, Kaylee Rosentreater, Treasurer; Rilee Howard, President; Calvin Finley, Vice-President Caden Holm, Parliamentarian 6-9 13-14 Grandparents Day 15 FFA News 16 Spartan Logo Ad 17 7 ways to Cope 18 15 Tips 19 Ways to Manage 20 Sept Board Minutes 21-22 FBLA Officers Attend Fall Leadership Convention The Litchfield FBLA Chapter officers and sponsor Lynette Finley traveled to Has- tings College on September 24th to attend the Nebraska FBLA Fall Leadership Convention. The students spent the day listening to the general session speaker who talked to them about how to step up and be a leader in their chapter and school. Students spent the rest of the day attending leadership seminars on the respective office position and workshops. Some of the workshops students attended discussed state leadership competitions, college preparation, entre- preneurship in rural communities, and how to run a campaign for a state officer position. Special Board Min. 23 General Fund 24 Principals Report 25 Superintendents Report 26