Small Town Times October 2017 - Page 5

“Pep Rally” Continued… Next up was a cute performance by our very own Litchfield elementary kids. Led by Mrs. Sauer, they performed a very catchy cheer designed to pump up our Spartan athletes. Thanks for the support, kids! Mrs. Sauer leads elementary kids in a Spartan cheer Finally, closing off Litchfield’s participation in performing at the pep rally was one of our own preschoolers smashing a pie in the face of the cheerleader who had raised the most money during fundraising. Young Braxton Fletcher was the preschooler guilty of the feat as he was chosen at random to hit freshman Sydnee Sweley with the pie. Don’t worry, though, young Braxton wasn’t charged with assault; he’s clean. Preschooler Braxton Fletcher hits cheerleader Sydnee Sweley in the face with a pie The 2017 Spartan Pep Rally was marked with laughter and fun, and some inspiring speeches from the coaches. We can’t wait to see what next year’s pep rally brings about, and we hope to see you all then! Congratulations! King: Joseph Ptacnik Queen: Meghan Kratzer Pictured with Braxton Fletcher Pictured with Aubri Berentes 5 Photo by Allison Varah