Small Town Times October 2017

Small Town Times NEW TEACHER NEWS By: Siarah Willenberg October 2017 Issue 3-3 The “Its Fall Ya’ll” Issue Litchfield Public Schools PO Box 167 Litchfield, NE 68852-0167 Phone: 308-446-2244 Newsletter Advisor: Mrs. Nikia Hunt [email protected] Student Editors: Rachel Linden, Siarah Willenberg Marrisa Zentz, Chanachon “Nam” Boonphakdee Inside this Issue 1 New Teacher News Halloween 2 Senior Spotlight National Black Cat Day 3 5 Columbus Days 6 7 School Board Minutes 8 9 Principal’s Report 2017 Pep Rally Overview General Funds Superintendent’s Report Counselor’s Corner 12 October Lunch Menu 13 13 15 Nebraska Thursdays October Activities & Events FBLA Haunted House Flyer Mr. Kaslon is the new 7th-12th History teacher for Litchfield Public Schools. His favorite color is gray. He likes to teach history because he believes that it is important to learn from past mistakes and not make the same mistakes in the future. Mr. Kaslon went to Loup City High School and went to college at UNL and UNK. Before teaching at Litchfield he was a substitute teacher at Hitchcock County for two years. He decided to teach at Litchfield so that he could be closer to home. He likes teaching in Litchfield because he likes the people there and enjoys teaching the students here in Litchfield. He is enjoying teaching here so far and cannot wait to see was the rest of the year holds for us. Halloween By : Marrisa Zentz Halloween is a time for everyone to have fun and dress up or just be himself or herself and get or give candy. But do you know the history of this fantastic holiday. Halloween was referred to as All Hallows Eve before being changed into Halloween. This holiday we celebrate used to be a pagan holiday, honoring the dead. Halloween or All Hallows Eve dates back over 2000 years ago. This holiday is the evening before All Saints Day. All Saints Day was created by Christians to convert the pagans. All Saints Day is celebrated on November 1 st , the church honored saints on this particular day. Halloween can be traced all the back to the Druids and the Celtics culture in Ireland, Britain, and Northern Europe. Celtics believed the souls of the dead wandered the streets of their villages at night. Since some spirits were thought to be not nice gifts were left out during Halloween to ensure years of crops, now this is known as trick-or-treating. Also to keep the “bad” spirits away the Celtics had a big party to scare away the ghosts/spirits. In America Halloween has really taken off. Now instead of getting rid of ghosts/spirits Halloween is about dressing up as your favorite character or giving and receiving candy. 1