Small Town Times November 2019 - Page 19

October Superintendent Report Litchfield Public Schools October 16, 2019 State Education Conference State Education Conference in Omaha is on November 20 th to 22 nd . I have registered April, Bill and myself to attend. District Audit The district audit was conducted on October 7 th . This is an in-house audit of the district’s financial records for the 2018-2019 school year. I will have to submit the report to NDE by October 31 st . We will get our copies prior to the November scheduled meeting. COOP Renewal For the NSAA We need to make a motion that says the board agrees to renewing the COOP with Ansley Public School through the NSAA. Motion: I move to have a continuous and automatic renewal of the Ansley-Litchfield Athletic Cooperative. Joint COOP Meeting -Monday, November 18 th @ 6:30. Transportation *Cost of using Ansley’s activity bus. $4000 and pay drivers through the COOP account. *Purchase of van? Long Range Goal Updated listing of teacher’s and administration for upgrades on building and grounds. I have included an email from Mr. Johnson and the final bids for the items that we sold on Big Iron. He has begun pricing for a new band saw. Building and Grounds -Finishing Landscaping around new road update. In discussion with Mike Johnson from Johnson Landscaping. They still have about 2 to 3 weeks on their current projects. Weather permitting, he thinks they still could possibly get it done this Fall. He will be coming up again and give an estimate on the project. -Brent Jackson of Trane was here on Wednesday, October 9 th to look at evaluate both the Spartan and Trojan gyms and the possibility of adding air conditioning. He will put together options and present them at the November board meeting. -Steve Heapy contacted me, and said he has information that the land just North of the football field may be available for pur- chase. Possible place for high jump/pole vault pits. Employee Grievance I have included a formal grievance from Allison Varah. She would like to discuss the decision of Mr. Drew and myself that she does not qualify for the 1/8 th pay that is in the negotiated contract. It is located on page 12 and is #10 “Seven prep periods” in the negotiated contract. We have followed the grievance procedure that is board policy and the latest version in the negotiated contract that the LEA and had. I have included in these documents and the formal grievance in the packet We will have five days from the date of this hearing to notify, in writing of the board’s decision. Negotiations The LEA has opened negotiation with their initial letter and items they would like to negotiate. I have some of the data that I have collected. We can go into executive session and discuss negotiations with their given proposal. The board can discuss what items they would like to negotiate and possible meeting dates with their bargaining committee. Furthermore, direct me as to other infor- mation you need me to collect.