Small Town Times nov publication - Page 6

Nebraska Thursday Meat Program How does Litchfield Public School get meat for school lunches? We receive meat donations from our generous local farmers. Some benefits of the meat donations are we know the meat is locally raised and fed in our community and the meat provides nutritious meals for the students of Litchfield. Some of our local farmers who have donated meat are, Todd Wardyn, Gary Feldman, and Dan Feldman. The school can accept donations as often as community members want and are able to donate. Some of the meals that the cafeteria is able to provide for the students are roast beef sandwiches, hamburgers, meatloaf, etc. with the meat provided. The company that helps motivate local farmers to donate is called Nebraska Thursday. The program encourages our local farmers with information and assistance in providing donations. If you are interested in making a meat or monetary donation to help with processing, you can contact Wade Finley or Janice Reynolds at the Litchfield School. The Nebraska Thursday logo on the school lunch calendar indicates which meals are provided through the use of local meat donations. Local Art Teacher Receives Art Teacher of Year Award On Friday October 12th, The Nebraska Art Teacher Association (NATA) awarded Litchfield art teacher, Allison Varah with the K-12 Art Teacher of the Year Award. She was nominated by Jan Jones, a retired middle school art teacher who now teaches at UNK, and Lynette Fast, is a retired high school teacher at Lincoln Public Schools. Mrs. Varah received her award in Kearney at the Museum of Nebraska Art where she gave an acceptance speech talking about the people who she is thankful for, which are her previous art teachers. She said she learned so much from each of these individuals. She realized that they all helped her and that she is so thankful. Mrs. Varah says “It means so much to me that people have congratulated me and have been so kind to recognize my small art teacher moment. I really didn’t expect the support our awesome community has shown. I feel overly appreciated. The award challenges me to always be about the highest level of quality. The award is based on accomplishments in the classroom, professional involvement, and own personal studio work outside the classroom. Litchfield Superintendent Wade Finley, commented on Varah’s award saying, “We are very fortunate to have Mrs. Varah as a teacher at Litchfield Schools. If you look at the success that our students have had under her supervision, it shows how deserving she is of this award.”