Small Town Times nov publication - Page 14

Willis and Billy By Jacob Heapy, 7 th Grade The squirrels Willis and Billy were angry because they have been so hungry for days. There were seeds in the in the bowl on the table in the garden, but the man named Crazy Bill was wired up after his twenty cups of coffee every morning and tried to shoot the squirrels. The next day, the squirrels were so hungry that they couldn’t bear it, so they snuck into Crazy Bill’s garden, and they noticed something unusual and abnormal. Crazy Bill wasn’t there. They were so happy they could finally eat, but something was weird. The seeds were already on the table, not in the bowl but the squirrels didn’t care. They started to devour the seeds. Billy realized it before Willis. It was a trap. Billy jumped off the table and shouted “LOOK OUT WILLIS.” But it was too late. Crazy Bill pulled the trigger and then Willis dropped dead. Crazy Bill aimed at Billy and shot, but Billy dodged the bullet and ran to their tree. Crazy Bill grabbed Willis and brought him inside. But Willis wasn’t dead, he was hurt. One little bee-bee hit him and he played dead. Crazy Bill brought Willis to this small house that was dark inside. The farmer pulled on a string and the light clicked on. Crazy Bill pulled out a knife. Willis got spooked and ran out of the shed and into Crazy Bill’s house. He ran through the dog door and he ran to the hallway, and he could either go right or left. Willis thought warily “Right or left, right or left”. He finally decided to go right. A door was cracked open, so Willis dashed through the crack. This room was the smallest room in the house and it was very bleak. Crazy Bill walked by and said, “That darn squirrel, I thought it was dead, and I didn’t even get the other one.” and then he clomped down the hallway mumbling, “There goes my dinner.” After he couldn’t hear Crazy Bill anymore, Wil- lis calmed down and fell asleep. Willis woke up to some banging in the hallway. Then he heard footsteps going down the stairs and then he could- n’t hear them anymore. It was dark and he couldn’t see anything. He saw the light through the crack of the door and walked toward it. He walked out of the small room and saw some steps, so he went towards those. There was a loud bang outside and Willis nimbly dashed for the stairs, which were adjacent to him. He made it to the steps and there was a light on, so he stealthily moved towards the light. He saw people playing cards around a table, but they saw him first. He tried to hide but someone saw him. The short boy tried to snatch him up but the short boy missed. Willis ran back up the stairs and ran into the closet. The boy said “Where did he go?” and then ran back downstairs. Willis thought to himself “Where is Billy?” Meanwhile, Billy was in the big old tree. He thought to himself “I need to help Willis.”, so he got out of the tree and snuck up to the bush. Just as he suspected, Crazy Bill was waiting where he was last time, so Billy snuck to the side of the house and saw a window cracked open. Billy was looking for places to jump on. Once he saw all the places he needed to jump on, he jumped up and through the window and fell into a small room, and Willis was right there. The two were so happy to see each other that they forgot where they were. They finally got to- gether and jumped back out the window and snuck back to their tree and were surprised to see a bunch of nuts on the ground. They picked up the nuts and brought them into their tree. When they got all the nuts into their tree, they heard a sound. It sounded like, “VROOM” and then their tree fell down. They climbed out of the tree and then Crazy Bill said, “SHOOT EM!” and then BANG. “Double kill” Crazy Bill said. He picked up the squirrels and this time, they were both dead.