Small Town Times May Newsletter

SMALL TOWN TIMES Litchfield Public Schools PO BOX 167 Litchfield, NE 68852-0167 May 2019 Edition Mrs. Sadler to retire after 30 years of service By: Marrisa Zentz For those of you who had Mrs. Sadler as a teacher, your elementary school days were filled with more laughs, wonderful stories, and amazing help. For those of you who didn’t have her I am positive you saw her in the halls. She has been at Litchfield School for a long time. For those of you wondering just how long she has been here, the answer is “30 years.” Mrs. Sadler is not only known for her great teaching abilities but by her colorful clothes and personality. Since she always wears such colorful outfits I asked her: What is the story behind your colorful outfits? She answered with: “So many students told me that they only remembered that their teacher wore a black dress and sweater and I made up my mind that I would not be the teacher that wore a black dress and a black sweater I would be the one that would wear colorful things!” And when I asked what is the story behind your bubbly personality, Mrs. Sadler stated with a grin: “Well, actually when you enjoy your job as much as I do it makes you happy. I love my job!” Mrs. Sadlers decision to work at Litchfield was simply because Litchfield it sounded like a good place to work. Mrs. Sadler stayed 30 years at Litch- field because it was an enjoyable experience. She stated her favorite part of the job has been working with all the students. Mrs. Sadler decided she wanted to teach at an early age. When she was in first grade she felt the desire to teach. When she was 13 years old her dad told her to stay in school and become a teacher. Mrs. Sadler had an interested progression in her educational Continued on page 2