Small Town Times May Newsletter - Page 6

Music Participates in Conference Band On Wednesday March 26th the JH and High School went to Conference Music in Hyannis Ne. Four- teen schools participated, and judges came from North Platte, Scottsbluff, Ogallala, Perkins County, and Hershey. The Litchfield Duet of Siarah Willenberg and Chloe Ellison received a Superior (1) rating. The Litchfield Band received an overall Excellent (2) Rating, Drum Quartet of Calvin Finley, Caden Holm Nathan Wardyn, and John Zimmer received an Excellent (2) Rating, and Bb Instrument Quartet of Chole Ellison, Faith Heapy, Chris Patiz, and Sydnee Sweley received and Excellent (2) Rating as well. It’s nice to see our band/choir succeed in what they are doing and keep up the good work. Quizbowl Teams Complete Season The Litchfield Jr. High and High School Quiz Bowl teams went to a few competitions this year. On the JH Quiz Bowl team there was Kaylee Rohde, Katherine Patiz, Shamane Zentz, Brandie Slocum, Pacen Trent, Avery Hoard, Ja- cob Heapy, Ashton Behmerwohld, Lyndsie McAliff, and Hunter Sweley. On the High School team there was Calvin Finley, Caden Holm, Nathan Wardyn, Chloe El- lison, Faith Heapy, Sydnee Sweley, Kayden Lucas, Ethan Sohrweid and Seth Willenberg. The JH only went to UNK and the High School went to Halsey and UNK. According to Mr. Kaslon “The results were not what we wanted, we set a good foundation for future teams with both groups being some of the youngest in the com- petitions”. As the year went on both teams im- proved and made real progress, and we look forward to next year and many more wins. Can’t wait to see what future brings to this future Quiz Bowl team.