Small Town Times May Newsletter - Page 5

Litchfield Uses Trophies, Plaques and Water Balloons to Encourage Academics Litchfield gears up for a big testing day as students will be taking the ACT and NSCAS (Nebraska Student- Centered Assessment System). The administration found new ways to encourage and inspire students to do their best. Principal Matt Drew and Superintendent Wade Finley planned an academic pep rally the afternoon before the big day. The pep rally celebrated student results from last year’s tests. Students who did well, or were “on track” as described by NSCAS measurements, received a trophy. Students who excelled demon- strating CRC (College and Career Readiness) were recognized with a certificate with their picture on it. The trophy cases were recently cleaned out, the important trophies are still there but there is now room to put academic awards. These certificates will be on display for all to see at the entrance to the gym. “I’m excited to spotlight our elementary and high school students who perform well in the classroom. Aca- demics are the most important job in our school. These tests evaluate us against the rest of the state and we want to showcase our success.” said Matt Drew Students cheered on their classmates as they won awards but the crowd favorite by far was when Mr. Drew announced that each student would get to throw a water balloon at him. The crowd erupted with cheers. Each student was given a water balloon as the superintendent, Mr. Finley counted down to the big finale when Mr. Drew was drenched. Mrs. Vega the 5 th and 6 th grade teacher thinks the students are ready for tomorrow, she states “The recognition of the academic pep really created an incredible positive attitude in the classroom, it inspired them.” “It makes us want to work harder.” said Ava Paitz a 5 th grade student. “It pumped us up.” said 6 th grade student Lane Slocum. Students found the pep rally did the job. Kaylee Rosentreader a freshmen said “Seeing the rewards and students being recognized definitely encourages me to try hard on the test tomorrow.” Rilee Howard a junior said “I think it’s cool that they want to encour- age us to work hard and it makes our efforts feel appreciated.” Results will be in soon, best of luck to Litchfield Public Schools.