Small Town Times March Newsletter - Page 5

Perks of Taking Personal Finance in High School Are you worried about what your finances will be like in the future? Or what life will be like after you grad- uate high school? Well if you are, then take Personal Finance in high school! This course will not only allow you to gather information about finances, but it will allow you to reap the benefits in high school, and prepare yourself fi- nancially. Personal Finance in high school will allow you to make financial plans for your future, whether it be in the workforce, or in college. It will also teach you how to manage your credit, and what your money personality is. So let’s get swimming in the sea of benefits. Personal Finance provides many benefits. When you take the course in high school, you are preparing your- self for life after high school, or college. One of the benefits for taking personal finance is, making money saving, and spending skills. With this skill you will be able to manage how much you spend on everyday items, and how much you are able to save, even with all of your expenses. The next main point is how Personal Finance helps you in life. It will teach you that budgeting is a good thing. Another thing Personal Finance teaches you is how credit works, and how you can figure out your credit score. This also helps if you want to buy a house, or car. Personal Finance will teach you how to get rid of your debt, and how fast you can pay it back so you have a better, financial secure future. Another benefit of taking Personal Finance in high school is that you learn your money personality, whether you be a spender or miser (saver) you will know. When you know what your money personality is, you can take the necessary steps in order to fix, or help stabilize your money personality. So if you think that personal finance has no benefits you are mistaken. Learning what type of money per- sonality, you have, how you can manage your money and having advice to use credit cards, is an amazing thing you can give to yourself. Overall you benefit your future by taking Personal Finance in high school. I strongly suggest that you take Personal Finance in high school so you can have these benefits in your future. I mean who wouldn’t want advice on how to save and manage their money. insurance Investments