Small Town Times March Newsletter - Page 10

Litchfield Art Students Win Gold The Scholastic Art Competition results were released last Friday, five Litchfield students have artwork that is Omaha bound. This competition is the highest honor for high school students and winning “gold” is the ultimate Nebraska honor. Dallas Rohde and Kyle Betke won gold with their metal art sculptures made from “recycled” metal. Rohde created a Praying Mantis that also won “Reserve, Best-of-Show” at the MNAC art competition. He cut a hand saw blade for wings, legs made from an old rusted wire cutters, the body has pieces from a drivetrain of a lawnmower. Finished eyeball made out of nuts and serrated blades for arms, it is quite the sight. Betke created a scorpion using chain, rebar for legs and pieces of a wrench for both the claws and the stinger. His sculpture received 2 nd in the conference art competition. Gold key winners Dallas Rohde and Kyle Betke will go on to be judged nationally by an impressive panel of creative– industry experts. Rohde and Betke’s works will be considered for national recognition. The winners of the national competition are recognized at a ceremony at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Silver went to Braydon Goodner and Shelby Behmerwohld. Braydon created a perfect cube with dynamic industrial style texture and finished with a greenish patina looking glaze. Behmerwohld received a Silver for her photograph titled “Shattered Society”. It pictures a teenage girl looking into a broken mirror and the mirror disrupts her vision of herself. Shelby Behmerwohld, Kyle Betke, Dallas Rohde, Braydon Goodner, and Rachel Linden showing off their artwork that is going to State in Omaha.