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Small Town Times National Popcorn Day By: Rachel Linden January 2018 Issue 3-6 The “Happy New Year!” Edition Litchfield Public Schools PO Box 167 Litchfield, NE 68852-0167 Phone: 308-446-2244 Newsletter Advisor: Mrs. Nikia Hunt [email protected] Student Editors: Rachel Linden, Siarah Willenberg Marrisa Zentz, Chanachon “Nam” Boonphakdee Inside this Issue 1 2 National Popcorn Day 3 4 New Year’s Day 5 6 School Board Minutes 7 General Funds FFA News & Updates 8 Counselor’s Corner 9 College Planning Bulletin Mobile STEM Lab Circle of Friends Superintendent’s Report Principal’s Report 10 11 12 January Lunch Menu 13 2018-2019 Preschool Information National Popcorn Day is on January 19 th , although it’s sometimes celebrated on the Super Bowl in the United States. Popcorn is a snack made by heating corn kernels. When heated in a microwave or on the stovetop, the hull on the outside of the kernels break or pop, creating popcorn. Historians believe that corn kernels that could be popped were first cultivated around 5000 B.C.E. in Mexico. Archeologists found evidence of the first popcorn maker dating back to 400 C.E. in Peru. Ancient Peruvian tombs actually turned up kernels that were still pop able, proving that proper storage is key and that popcorn kernels can last for millennia. Popcorn became popular in the US around the 1900s when it was sold at street corners under the name “Pearls.” During the depression, popcorn became one of the few luxuries that people could afford, which led to theater owners selling it. Popcorn is a superfood that it is rich in antioxidants. Plain, it contains 30 calories per cup and a single serving of popcorn has more iron than an egg. Many Native Americans popped corn right on cobs! They used them to make drinks and soup, but also jewelry and hair ornaments. In the 1800s, Americans ate popcorn for breakfast like modern day cereal. Popcorn can serve as a unconventional ingredient for like seasonings for fish, chicken, salads. Celebrate the holiday by making popcorn jewelry, plan a movie marathon, or have popcorn Olympics at your office. FBLA News & Updates January Activities & Events Calendar 1