Small Town Times January2018 - Page 11

FBLA NEWS & ACTIVITIES FBLA attended a business tour of Hornady Ammunitions Factory in Grand Island, NE on Monday, November 6 th . We were guided on a tour of the facilities that included viewing of the machinery that creates each part of a bullet, a lead-melting area, testing areas, and offices. Some of the machinery in the factory is refurbished from overseas and some were even used during wartimes. We each received a souvenir 50-caliber bullet (with no casing). Ammunition standards are very high at Hornady and we witnessed testing of the rounds to ensure each batch is accurate and properly shaped. The bullets go through many quality control checks before they are shipped. Our tour ended as we were led through the office areas, and we were fortunate to see the many trophy animals taken by the Hornady family that were mounted there. As we left, we were each given a hat and sticker. It was a great and educational trip and we thank Hornady for arranging the tour for us. FBLA hosted March of Dimes week to raise awareness and money for the charity November 12 th -17 th . Each class was given a coin jar for a “coin war” in which pennies could be placed in competing jars to count as negative. The event raised around $50.00! The class with the highest dollar amount after penny deductions was the eighth-grade by a wide margin. Their class will be rewarded with a Casey’s breakfast pizza. FBLA also hosted fun “theme days,” including a “purple day” on Prematurity Awareness Day, to raise awareness and included facts about prematurity in the announcements. On American Enterprise Day (November 15 th ) FBLA hosted our annual “American Enterprise Project” in collaboration with the elementary school. Students in grades 3-6 met with FBLA members and officers in the school cafeteria to learn about the free enterprise system and for fun activities. The time started with ice breaker activities, which ended in a laughing tangle of kids. Then, students took a pre-test to gauge their existing knowledge of American enterprise. FBLA members and officers taught students about the process of creating a business and business card. Students were then placed into groups and with some guidance from FBLA members, created their own business concepts and cards on posters, then presented them to the group. The time ended with a post-test to see knowledge gains. A fun time was had by all, and we instilled a sense of excitement and enthusiasm about business in the younger students that hopefully piqued their interest in joining FBLA in the future. 11