Small Town Times February2018 (1) - Page 6

Superintendent’s Report JANUARY 2018 Election of Officers The board will need to elect officers for the calendar year of 2018. I have included the county certification on what incumbent board members will need to file for re-election by February 15, 2018. Todd, Bill, and Marie are the incumbents up for re-election. Superintendent Contract A copy of the agreed contract for Wade Finley to be Litchfield Public Schools superintendent for the 2018- 2019 school year is enclosed. Motion: I recommend that Wade Finley be approved as the superintendent for the 2018-2019 school year. Federal Program Administrator Each year the board of education must assign an administrator to be the Federal Programs Administrator. Motion: I recommend that Superintendent, Wade Finley be assigned as the Litchfield Public Schools Federal Programs Administrator for 2018. NASB Legislative Issues Conference and Budget & Finance Workshop Enclosed is the brochure for the NASB Legislative Issues conference to be held Sunday, January 21 st and Monday, January 22 nd . I plan on attending on Monday for the Budget and Finance Workshop. If board members would like to attend let me know so I can make the needed arrangements. 2018-2019 Calendar Mr. Mroczek and I have talked about a tentative calendar schedule for next year. We will continue to work on this and have it finalized and ready for approval at the February board meeting. Building and Maintenance Update on some of the projects we have been working on and looking at for improvements for the buildings. The backboard and supports that raise out of the way are in. They will raise the goal out of the way of spectators. We will be getting new mats for the entry way into the Blue Building and the entry to the gym. Should look sharper and help cut down on the dirt and rocks carried onto the gym floor. Looking at getting permanent record boards for the Litchfield track, one-act and speech boards in the entry hall of blue building. Then use those display cases for current student successes. Looking to replace the banners in the gym with newer and fabric that’s not faded. Use the same Litchfield colors and hang the current ones in the Trojan gym. Mr. Drew and Mr. Blauvelt are looking into improvement to the weight room and curriculum. Hope to an updated proposal in February. Looking at replacing handrails and wood going up the stairs in the main building. Furthermore, replacing doors and door jams. This would be a summer project. Beginning to look at an upgrade to the science room cabinets & lab stations. 6