Small Town Times December Newsletter

Litchfield Public School 5 00 Main 308 446-2244 Jimmy Fletcher is Nebraska State Representative for BE STRONG Be Strong Simulcast was watched by Grades 3-6 on October 17, 2019. The simulcast was about students across the nation Being Strong and standing up for those that are bullied. The simulcast had speakers sharing their stories with bullying as well as ways to deal with bullies. Be is about in- cluding others, making others feel welcome, and building them up. Jimmy Fletcher was one of our students that really showed interest in becoming a Nebraska State Representative. Jimmy was nominated by his school counselor and participated in a phone interview. Following this process, Jimmy submitted a video about how he will Be Strong at home, at school, and in his community. You can view his video and learn more about Be Strong on the website In the next few months. Jimmy will begin leading We Dine To- gether club and meet once or twice a month at lunch. These are relaxed lunch meetings with student led discussions. Be Strong is all about keeping students included, new students and established students alike. Be on the lookout for information from the We Dine Together club in future newsletters. December 2019 Issue INSIDE THIS ISSUE Fletcher Receives BE STRONG 1 Veterans Day Program 2 FBLA Canned Food Drive 3 One Act Update 3 December Activities Calendar 4 FBLA Roadside Cleanup 5 Diesel Career Day 5 December Menu 6 FFA News 7 Inventure Day 7 Art News 8 Upcoming Events 9 Education Quest 10-11 Vaping Information 12-13 Early Years 14-15 General Fund, November 16 Superintendent Update 17 November Board Minutes 18 Coop Board Minutes 19 Principals Report 20