Small Town Times December Newsletter - Page 7

Jr. High Participate at Inventure Day FFA News On November 5 th the Litchfield FFA chapter participated in the District 8 Livestock Judging competition in Kearney. Individuals earning ribbons from Litchfield were Hunter Sweley and Jacob Heapy receiving red and Lyndsie McAuliff, Tyra Sekutera and Lane Slocum re- ceiving white. On December 9 th some of the high school members will be participating in the District 8 Leadership Development Event competition and the Jr. High complete a com- petition at Shelton. The annual FFA fruit sales wrapped up at the end of October. The jerky has arrived and there are a few containers remaining for sale. The fruit is scheduled to arrive sometime around November 25 th and the remainder of the items will be delivered on or before December 12 th . Contact Mr. Johnson at the school if you have any questions. Caleb Unick and Jason Stark with Hoegemeyer Hybrids recently presented a check for $500 to the Litchfield FFA chapter. Funds donated to the chapter are used to pay for students to at- tend workshops and competitions. Funds are also used to help purchase equipment and ma- terials for students to use in Agriculture Educa- tion classes as well as contest preparation. If you have any questions about the program or would like to help support the program in any way, please contact Mr. Johnson. The annual FFA Labor Auction is tentatively scheduled December 19 th . More information will be available soon! The Nebraska FFA Pathways to Careers confer- ence was held in Kearney on November 16 th . Industry professionals from the different ca- reer pathways presented career information to the students about the industry and careers available. Students from Litchfield attending included Braydon Goodner, Pacen Trent, Syd- nee Sweley, Kayden Lucas, Rebecca Mostek and Brandi Slocum. Thursday, October 24, 2019 was a day of adventure for our 7th graders as they participated in UNL Extension sponsored IN- VENTURE Day held at the Loup City Community Center. Stu- dents learned about entrepre- neurship as well as creating a business. Students worked in groups of 4-6 students. Groups were given a widget to include in their product idea. Each mem- ber of the "business" had a role to play such as Project Manager and Financial manager. Our stu- dents commented that the best part of the day was the Pitch competition. Each group shared their pitch to 2 judges and about 10 other groups. Local busi- nesspeople were the judges for the businesses our students cre- ated. ~Susan Poland