Small Town Times December Newsletter - Page 24

November Superintendent Report Litchfield Public Schools November 19, 2018 District Audit Copies of District Audit for the 2017-2018 fiscal period was given to all board members.. Insurance Increase A copy of the increase for the renewal rates for health care in included. We are on a two year contract so these numbers will take in effect for the 2019-20 school year. I have attached the section in the negotiated contract with the teachers that addresses this. It is on section F1b that addresses the matter for insurance and any increase by or elimination of current deductible by EHA (Educators Health Alliance). In this case, EHA has eliminated the $900 deductible. Therefore, the negotiated agreement states: “The Board agrees to pay for any insurance increase during that time. Insurance will $900 deductible for both years. If the EHA eliminates the $900 deductible option, the district will enroll in the next higher comparable coverage and pay all increased cost.” We would then go to the $1050 deductible. I have discussed it with the LEA president and their lead negotiator and they agreed. Personnel Science teacher position update. Amanda Slocum will be finishing out the semester. Building & Grounds Weight room update - New doors going into the Trojan Gym will be installed on Wednesday, Nov. 21 st from State Glass. - Lights - Miller Associate update Joint COOP Meeting We have gone over this jointly with the Ansley administration and made the changes to the agreed upon language. Next move would be to have our joint board meeting. We will discuss dates with Ansley. Superintendent and Board Evaluations I have enclosed an evaluation form for the board to evaluate me as the superintendent of Litchfield Schools. I have also enclosed the board self-evaluation too that I found on the NASB website that the board has used before.