Small Town Times December 2017 - Page 3

CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS AND WISHES By: Siarah Willenberg Christmas is coming near people are decorating the tree, getting ready to cook that special Christmas meal, and having family come together to celebrate this holiday. Speaking of Christmas what do you want for Christmas or maybe you cannot wait to do a family tradition on Christmas well here are some people who know what they want for Christmas or their favorite Christmas tradition. Rachel Linden- Wants watercolor pencils to do art Mrs. May-Decorates her home with lights Mr. Moser-His favorite tradition when he was growing up was that he would love to decorate the house and set up the tree. Lyndsie McAuliff- Loves to go outside and brush her horse Seth Willenberg- His favorite Christmas tradition is eat the delicious food! Nam Boonphakdee- Wants an Airsoft gun Aaron Reitz- Wants a remote controlled dinosaur Braxton Fletcher- Wants a Spartan T-shirt For me personally, I love just getting together as a family and having great memories to remember. So, as you can see, you can love the food, get amazing gifts, and even just enjoy getting together with family. That is why people, including me, love the Christmas season. 3