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SMALL TOWN TIMES Litchfield Public Schools School Information MILK BREAK PRICING Litchfield Public Schools PO Box 167 Litchfield, NE 68852-0167 August 2018 In This Issue 1. School Information 2. 2018-19 school calendar Litchfield Public School offers an extra milk break during the school day for grades PreK-6. If you wish for your child to take part in the program, the milk break price for each semester will be $35.00, which is approximately $.39 per day. Milk is paid for by the semester. 3. 2018-19 PK school calendar 1 semester payment $35.00 (K-6 th ) or $26.00 (Pre-K) is due by September 5 th , 2018 10. School Board Minutes July st 2 semester payment $35.00 (K-6 th ) or $26.00 (Pre-K) is due by January 9 th , 2019 4. Principal Welcome Letter  School supply checklist 6. School Board Minutes May 8. School Board Minutes June 12. Back to school potluck Invite 13. Art Student’s Awards nd Milk provided for milk breaks is not part of the Free and Reduced Meal Program. AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM th 14. Silent Auction Information 15. Silent Auction information 16. August Lunch Menu 17. General Fund Claims  Superintendent's report  Technology Use Overview Parents and PK-6 grade students are invited to enjoy a cool treat after school on Friday, August 17 th from 2:17- 3:00p.m. at our ice cream social. Feel free to stop by and check out what we do in the program. Applications for participation in the program will be included with the ini- tial school paperwork. 20. Activities Calendar August The After School Program officially opens on Monday, August 20 th . Contact Susan Poland for any questions. Sports Physical Form Fun Run T-shirts for sale The Spartan Europe Trip kids have Fun Run shirts for sale for $10 a shirt on a first come first serve basis. The sizes available are 7-XL, 10-L, and 3-M. Please contact Marie Sweley 308-440-8122. 21. Spartan Fall practice info 22. Counselors Corner 23. Lunch Program information 25. Free & Reduced Lunch App SPECIAL INSERT