Small Town Times April Newsletter - Page 4

Small Town Times April 2018 Kindergartener, Troy, Wins Award By: Siarah Willenberg In March, we shared a story about Troy Mack- Sekutera and Ava Paitz being chosen for the State Capitol Art Exhibition. This is one of the highest honors for elementary student artists. The highest honor for a Ne- braska elementary student was given to Troy. His piece of artwork Cows at Home was chosen as the ‘Best of Show’ for the elementary division. Troy stated the meaning of his artwork is “A mom and her baby enjoying a nice day” and it reminds him of going to his papa’s and grandma’s farm. When talking with Troy about what advice he has for others when doing art, he stated, “You have to take your time and ask for help.” We are very proud of these two stu- dents who repre- sented our school at the state capitol. Congrats to Troy for this awesome honor at only six years old. Troy is a kindergar- ten student and the son of Justin Mack and Mariah Sekutera.■ Feldman Places in Severe Weather Awareness Poster Contest By: Mariah Sekutera Caydence Feldman, a fourth grade student, was cho- sen as the third place poster winner during the Nebraska Severe Weather Awareness week. The contest was open to Nebraska fourth graders and was centered around how to be safe during the upcoming severe weather in spring and summer. Caydence prepared her piece of work by thinking about the different storms and how they affect Nebraskans. When asked if she has ever used her plans before, she stated “Not really, but I will if the time ever comes.” Caydence also said, “Mine was original. I did it from scratch. I expressed my very own feelings on how to stay safe during severe weather.” The contest was hosted by Nebraska Emergency Man- agement Agency. Caydence won $75 by receiving third place. Litchfield is proud of Caydence’s hard work! ■ 4