Small Town Times April Newsletter - Page 18

Small Town Times April 2018 GENERAL FUND CLAIMS FOR MARCH 2018 ACT 96.00; FBLA 150.00; ACTIVITY 6.98; ACTIVITY SOPHOMORES 23.00; A.M.G.. 100.00; ANSLEY LUMBER AND SUPPLY 31.26; ANSLEY PUBLIC SCHOOLS 3053.16; ASK SUPPLY 187.26; BLACK HILLS ENERGY 3185.03; BSN SPORTS 49.39; CHARTER 481.28; COLONIAL RESEARCH 156.47; CUSTER PUBLIC POWER 3580.29; DAS STATE ACCOUNTING 3580.29; DREW, MATT 28.59; ESU10 5619.11; ELLISON, LANCE 18.36; ERICSON FORD 168.71; FARMER’S CO-OP 1401.97; GOV CONNECTION 59.00; HD SUPPLY 89.89; HEWLETT PACKARD FINANCIAL 2579.04; JW PEPPER 42.14; KEARNEY QUALI- TY SEW AND VAC 169.95; MARKERBOARD PEOPLE 62.73; MENARDS 62.73; MOSAIC 3327.08; NASB 308.00; NE SAFETY AND FIRE 520.00; NCTC 161.26; NRCSA 280.00; OFFICE NET 566.57; OHIO 4-H LAB KITS 448.24; PD MARKET 448.24; P.G.H.G 1425.00; PETTY CASH 1365.81; QUILL 860.78; SHERMAN COUNTY TIMES 14.74; UNISAN 166.68; US FOODS 419.47; VC HOWARD HAY CO 795.45; VILLAGE OF LITCHFIELD 415.95; WEX BANK 1860.09; YANDA’S MUSIC 95.92; MARCH PAYROLL 177213.37 Adult Aids are needed for the 2018-2019 After School Program. Please contact Mrs. Poland for more information. SUMMER SCHOOL NEWS Summer school will be held at Litchfield School from June 11 to July 20, 2018 in the blue building. It will be five days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. There will be no school on the 4 th of July. Targeted areas we will be working on are reading and math. Students will have computer time each day, as well as math games, bowling, bean bag math, puppets, snack time and gardening. Erma Sadler will be teaching classes. A registration form is included in this newsletter and forms will be available for pick-up at the school office. Please fill it out and send it back soon to allow time to provide materials for all students. On July 20 a parent meeting will be scheduled for 7:00 p.m. to share our summer activities. We will review the Parent Policy and make changes, where necessary. 18