Small Town Times April Newsletter - Page 14

Small Town Times Superintendent Report March April 2018 Superintendent Report March 20, 2018 Joint COOP meeting with both boards. Joint board meeting on April 9 th at 7:00 at Ansley. Building and Grounds. o The side baskets on the home side are up. o Plan for getting the trees removed on the south side of the parking lot. o Plan to get track upgrades done. o Gym Floor update o Plan to have bids for new doors and railings for the main building ALICAP Safety Inspection Weight Room Improvements Follow up with Mr. Drew and Mr. Blauvelt presentation cost estimates to make upgrades to the weight equipment. I am looking at board approval for the purchasing of the upgrade in weight equipment as pre- sented. Policy Update on 503.7 1 st Reading (pg.1-7) Attached are the new version and the old version with changes. Personnel/Staffing 2018-2019 Teacher’s contract will be handed out by the end of the month. Teachers will need them back by April 13 th if they plan on coming back. As in the past, any teacher who has signed a contract with the district, and wishes to accept a position after April 15 with another district, must be released by the board of education in a formal request and release process based upon the administration’s ability to find a suitable replacement. The board will need to make a motion to accept the resignation of Ms. Hunt. 14