Small Town Times 3-2

Small Town Times New Teacher News By: Marrisa Zentz September 2017 Issue 3-2 The “Getting Going” Issue Mr. Mark Hiebner is the new K-12 music teacher for Litchfield schools. His favorite color is Loper Blue, and he enjoys the challenge of the curriculum as well as the change of the curriculum. He also enjoys the change of the students he has in his music classes. Litchfield Public Schools PO Box 167 Litchfield, NE 68852-0167 Phone: 308-446-2244 Newsletter Advisor: Mrs. Nikia Hunt [email protected] Inside this Issue 1 New Teacher News Fun in August/September 2 National Waffle Day Farm to School News 3 5 The Great American Solar Eclipse 6 7 School Board Mintues 8 9 Principal’s Report Missoula Children’s Theater Mr. Hiebner taught at Central Valley before he began teaching here at Litchfield. His favorite things about teaching here at Litchfield so far have been the band, the junior high students working so hard, and noting where the students are at academically so he can further their education in music. He chose to teach at Litchfield because he always wanted to teach around the Kearney area- not only because he enjoys small schools, but because he also has family nearby. Mr. Hiebner graduated high school from Heartland before attending UNK. General Funds Superintendent’s Report Fun in August & September By: Siarah Willenberg Counselor’s Corner 11 September Lunch Menu 12 13 15 FBLA News & Updates National Lazy day is on August 10th you just do not do anything that whole day. Just celebrate your inner couch potato. Here are 5 ways you can celebrate National Lazy day September Activities & Events Calendar Quiz Bowl Shoe Donation Fundraiser 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Watch TV. Order take out Stay in bed Skip the chores Take a nap In September there is a day called Labor Day which is to honor all of the people who do work outside of their homes. Labor Day, which was created by either Peter McGuire or Matthew Maguire, was first celebrated on September 5 1882 in New York City. This holiday became very popular in a lot of states and on June 28, 1894 Labor was officially vote as a National Holiday. They celebrate this day by take one full day off from their jobs and have sponsored Union parades. This day always falls on the first Monday in September. So that is what Labor Day is all about and what takes place during that day. 1