Small Town Times 3-2 - Page 8

Superintendent’s Report Continued… NASB Board Quicks Date on the flyer that have interest. NRCSA Follow Up Meeting Robin Stevens has contacted me and said that part of the Superintendent Search Contract with them is a follow up meeting to communicate with board with the progress of new superintendent. It’s a 2-year guarantee to help make the transition successful. Need to select an evening that they can come and have a discussion with the board and superintendent. Transition & Budget Update Dr. Maline and I met with the NDE at Administrator Days and have the budget updated until we see the valuations come in on August 20 th . We will then meet again that week and get things ready for the Board Budget Workshop on August 28 th . September 11 th will be the Budget Tax hearing and have Budget approval on the 18 th at the regular board meeting. Principal’s Report AUGUST 2017 1. Kickoff Supper a. Booster Club, Staff, Parents, Community and Students b. Motivate and recruit more participation 2. Preparation for Students a. Reading Street Training with Mrs. Sauer and Mrs. Mosier b. New Teacher Orientation 3. Professional Development a. Marzano Review b. Staff Expectations c. Begin ELA Curriculum Alignment d. Begin School Improvement Process, 5 Year Plan 4. Eclipse Preparation a. Mrs. Vega and Ms. May organized b. Going to football field from 10-2, certain grades coming back at different times c. Will be conducting data collection and experiments d. High School and Elementary Interaction e. Proper Glasses and Safety Training is planned f. We will be busing students to the football field 5. Website a. Mrs. Hunt presenting new website plan b. Social Media update 8