Small Town Times 3-2 - Page 7

GENERAL FUND CLAIMS AUGUST 2017 ACCO BRANDS USA LLC 1795.00; ANSLEY LUMBER & SUPPLY 61.55; BEAVER BEARING CO 6.37; BLACK HILLS ENERGY 162.07; BLUFFS SANITARY SUPPLY 107.25; BROWN & SAENGER 5920.84; CENTRAL FIRE & SAFETY 784.90; CHARTER BUSINESS 481.28; COLE ELECTRIC COMPANY 465.00; COMPUTERS ETC. 7.25; CU STER PUBLIC POWER 2962.74; DAS STATE ACCOUNTING- CENTRAL FINANCE 238.96; EAKES OFFICE PLUS 2506.50; EDUCATIONAL SERVICE UNIT 10 8540.03; EGAN SUPPLY CO 102.19; ENSZ RAMPS, LLC 450.00; FINLEY, WADE 327.24; HEWLETT-PACKARD FINANCIAL SERVICES COMPUTER LEASE 2579.04; HOLM, JAMES 49.00; ISLAND SUPPLY WELDING CO 35.96; J&J SANITATION, INC 202.47; JOEDEMAN, JESSE 508.30; KAPLAN EARLY LEARNING COMPANY 206.66; KEVIN’S FLOOR SERVICE 9078.47; KLEMKE, ALBERT 200.00; MENARDS 73.50; MID-AMERICAN RESEARCH CHEMICAL 449.50; NE COUNCIL SCHOOL ADMINISTRAT 440.00; NE SAFETY & FIRE EQUIPMENT INC 331.50; NEBRASKA CENTRAL TELEPHONE 196.01; NOVUS WINDSHIELD REPAIR 240.00; OFFICENET 66.73; P&D MARKET 24.93; PEARSON EDUCATION INC 948.42; PETTY CASH FUND 903.02; PIERCE, CARISSA 32.20; PRESTWICK HOUSE, INC 108.90; SCHOOL MATE 581.55; SOFTWARE UNLIMITED, INC 3550.00; STATE GLASS INC 3295.00; TUMBLEWEED PRESS 700.00; TWIN LOUPS QUALITY MEATS 621.04; UNISAN NEBRASKA LLC 111.12; VILLAGE OF LITCHFIELD 601.41; VOYAGER SOPRIS LEARNING 729.30; WEST SIOUX CERAMICS & DAKOTE POTTERS SUPPLY 1853.55; PAYROLL 156542.89; TOTAL 210179.64 Superintendent’s Report AUGUST 2017 Bus Driver Update & Bus Routes We have hired new bus drivers for the year. George Rietz, Chad Slocum, and Shane Slocum will be driving two bus routes. Chad and Shane are teaming up, with Chad running the am route and Shane running the pm route. We will then have three van routes. Gym Floor Update The floor has been fixed, painted and refinished. The only issue now is touch up painting. Parking Lot Jerry Lammers has evaluated the parking lot and has given his idea of bringing in more dirt and make more of a slope for better drainage and building up the berm. He gave a quick guess estimate of approximately $3000 for a ballpark figure. Policy Updates Second readings for the following policies: 403.08, 802.05 and 802.07. First reading on 1005.12. *Motion to enact the three policies after 2 nd reading. Alert Solutions Town & Country Bank has agreed to pay for alert solutions and ask for us to give some type recognition on the announcement that the messages are courtesy of them. The Missoula Children’s Theatre We will be hosting the Missoula Children’s Theatre here in Litchfield for the week of August 21 st . They will be using the stage and facilities all week from 4:00 – 8:30 for practice and then performances on Saturday, August 26 th at 4:00 and 7:00. Continued on page 8… 7