Small Town Times 3-2 - Page 5

Missoula Children’s Theater Presents “Gulliver’s Travels” By: Nikia Hunt On Saturday, August 26 th , all the work that students from Litchfield and the surrounding areas put into their weeklong rehearsals paid off in two riveting shows of “Gulliver’s Travels.” Students met with members of the Missoula Children’s Theater to audition after school on Monday, August 21 st , then immediately jumped into rehearsal. Each day after school from Monday through Friday, students practiced for around four hours. Their dedication really paid off on Saturday, as the audience was captivated by Gulliver (played by Ashton Behmerwohld and Chloe Ellison in turns), with his quick wit and emotional responses. The rest of the cast surpassed expectations in their presentation of the story as well as ship-wrecked Gulliver found himself lost in space and transported from world to world learning valuable life lessons (and passing them along to help others). Litchfield Schools is grateful to have had the opportunity to host the Missoula Children’s Theater, and would like to thank them for coming, as well as thank the Sherman County Arts Council and Sherman County Community Foundation for sponsoring their visit, Dale and Linda Zoerb for hosting the MCT crew, and all the parents and community members who made this show a possibility. 5