Small Town Times 2-8 - Page 9

Motion : I recommend that the district approve Barb Kratzer as our Kindergarten teacher for the 2017-18 school year as presented .
External Visitation Report ( 7 ) At the board meeting next Monday Mr . Finley and Susan Poland will give a brief review of the external report given by our state ’ s external visitation team last Wednesday . A copy of our entire summary and district report is in your board packet .
ESU Contract Review and Approval ( 8-14 ) Please see the contracts from ESU . All of these contracts are part- time individuals who come to the school when we have special education needs . These contracts save the district from hiring half-time or full time individuals to serve our student special education population . The board needs to approve these annual contracts so the ESU may plan to hire appropriate personnel to serve the various school districts in the area . Motion : I recommend approval of the ESU contracts for 2017-18 as presented .
Basketball Goals for Gym ( 15-17 ) Included in this report is a picture of a side basket that would be a possible solution in our gym . Also included in this report is a summary from a structural engineer in regard to the feasibility of putting up side basketball hoops attached to our current building structures . We were asked to get that report before any bids could be given . I have been in touch with two companies and they said that liability concerns are the reason that Sporting Goods Companies are not anxious to construct side baskets and be responsible for the liability of the system . One company said they will work with a construction engineer . The cost for the 4 baskets and supports was estimated to me at $ 20,000 . A sporting goods firm from Grand Island , added expense will be the engineering , installation of at least two beams for each side basket and the mechanical system to lift and lower the system which is the primary liability concern . Knowing and understanding the possible costs , we will proceed to try and get bids from area contractors if the board wishes to proceed .
Board Meeting March 12 Please be reminded that the board meeting in March is on March 12 . I will be leaving for New Zealand to visit my daughter and grandchildren on Thursday March 16 and will return to the district on Wednesday April 5 . I will be in contact with our office and Mr . Finley through emails for emergency purposes if the board and staff need to be in contact with me . Mr . Finley will be the administrator in charge and will make all emergency snow day decisions . He has assisted in those decisions during the last three days of bad weather . Kathy and I would like to thank the board of education in allowing us to travel for an extended period of time for this special trip .
Legislation and Budget Changes I will continue to inform the board and staff of any legislative issues and bills that may affect the district . There are several bills in progress but so far most of those bills are not being moved forward . I will have more information after a NRCSA meeting on February 22 , when the small schools meet to discuss ramifications of the new legislation being proposed . One bill that we are watching very closely is a bill to limit the cash reserves in the district . This could affect small school cash flows and the ability to plan for long range projects .
Thank you Appreciation is extended to Bill Howard for his help with snow removal this winter and recently moving rock and cement parking ties to our parking lots . Thanks Bill for a job well done !