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Principal ’ s Report DECEMBER 2016
(… Superintendent ’ s Report continued )
Legislative Information ( 21-23 ) On November 30 , I attended the first legislative meeting of the NCSA and there are major concerns with several state legislators who addressed our organization . Several state legislators who know and understand education issues in the state were defeated in the elections this fall , and the governor openly supported , via personal contributions , the candidates who ran against them . The talk of lower property taxes , charter schools , and a new education committee has the three education organizations very nervous . It is too early to know what the winds of change will bring to our state ’ s education system this year but we would urge all board members to become informed of the issues that rise to the top in the state legislative agendas .
I have information in regard to state taxes and an excellent report from the Open Sky institute , a non-profit , research organization . The institute ’ s research has assisted the legislature with information in regard to state fiscal and tax policy . I will share that information at the meeting through a power point . I have also included information in regard to our new state senators and their representative districts .
External Visitation February 8 ( 24 ) On Wednesday , February 8 , the district will host the external visitation team for our 5 year improvement plan . Ron Wymore , ex-superintendent from Pleasanton , will chair the team with three other area educators . Susan Poland , Cody Franzen , Wade Finley and I will head the committee in preparing the external documents for the review . At the end of the day on February 8 there will be an exit report to the school board and school staff presented by the external team . Please see a copy of the external visit schedule for the day .
Staff Holiday Party The district will be hosting a staff holiday party at the Steak House on December 21 . To date , we have 51 staff and spouses who will attend and help bring in the holiday season . We would like to thank the board and district for helping to pay for the meals that evening . This event is very special in helping our staff to get to know and enjoy each other . Appreciation is extended to Mr . Finley for organizing and arranging this special holiday party .
School Board Election Results ( 25 ) I have included the school board election results from November . Congratulations Jim , Steve , and Mitch and thank you for serving our school district for the next four years .
Support Staff Benefits The board of education is asked to go into executive session to discuss support staff benefits . I will share with the board what some of the area school districts do in regard to certain benefits . This agenda topic is being requested in response to a staff member inquiry about those benefits . Motion : I recommend that the board go into executive session to discuss support staff benefits .

Principal ’ s Report DECEMBER 2016

The staff worked together recording individual data for all students , from 1 st grade to 11 th grade . We recorded all individual student scores from the NeSA , MAPS , ACT testing that they have taken . With this data we hope to track individual improvement as each student progresses through our district . All elementary students and teachers attended a movie and used their personal pan pizza coupons they earned for their efforts in the Accelerated Reading Program . All student met or exceeded their goals for the last quarter and this was their reward . Winter sports are off and running . One-Act competed in district competition in Ansley under the direction of Mrs . Sauer and Mrs . Moser . The speech team is starting to assemble under Mr . and Mrs . Moser . The PreK-12 Winter Music program performance , with Mrs . Ellis coordinating , was on December 15th . First Semester will end on Thursday , December 22 nd .