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National Winnie the Pooh Day January 18 th By : Lori Bay

( Winnie the Pooh with his stash of honey , CC license )
Everyone has heard of this plumpy little bear that ’ s addicted to the sweetest of honey . I ’ m here to tell you to some facts about this amazing and adorable yellow bear .
1 . Winnie the Pooh was based on an actual bear ! 2 . Christopher Robin is also based on a real person ! 3 . In fact , Christopher Robin was made in the image of the author ' s father and so was the relationship with the real Winnie and Pooh . 4 . The name Winnie the Pooh comes from a bear named Winnie and a Swan named Pooh 5 . Winnie the Pooh ’ s friends come from Christopher Robin ’ s stuff animals .
Opposite Day By : RaNay Casper I am writing this … or not . National Opposite Day is an unofficial holiday , but it is a day to have fun all day long saying exactly opposite of what a person really means . On this day , kids will be rejoicing everywhere . It is also a great day for adults to play along and break out of the winter blues . Some examples of fun you could have on opposite day include : hello , or is it goodbye ? I am cold , or am I hot ? Good morning , or is it good night ? Some people believed that National Opposite Day is observed on January 25th , while some believe that it is the 7th of January , and some people eve like to believe it is supposed to be celebrated on the 25th of each month ! Whenever you celebrate opposite day , I hope you have a very not-fun day !
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