Small Town Times 2-5 - Page 15

Litchfield Chapter of FBLA News & Updates By: Meghan Kratzer (FBLA News Reporter) On November 9th, Litchfield FBLA went to Loup City, and dropped off the canned food that we received during the can drive to the Sherman County Food Bank. With a combination of collecting cans from the town of Litchfield and from the students in the school, FBLA had a total of 529 canned goods that we took to the food bank. We even had elementary grades participating this year! The class breakdown was as follows: Preschool: 8 items; Kindergarten: 35 items; 1/2 Grade: 18 items; 3/4 Grade: 34 items; 5/6 Grade: 41 items; 7th Grade; 13 items; 8th Grade: 43 items; Freshman: 3 items; Sophomores: 6 items; Juniors: 35 items; Seniors: 27 items; Teachers: 24 items. FBLA toured The Bonfire and Arrow Hotel in Broken Bow, Nebraska on November 9th. First, we went and saw the Arrow Hotel. In the hotel, we were shown two hotel rooms. The first room was considered one of the suites, and the second was a standard room. After the hotel tour, we went down to the front desk and saw their programming and how they keep the hotel organized and running smoothly. Along with seeing the hotel, we saw the The Bonfire Grill restaurant. On the tour of The Bonfire, we saw the kitchen and bakery where all the food is cooked and prepared. Along with the kitchen, we saw the freezer where the food is stored. After seeing that, we went out and saw the layout of the restaurant and how they put in orders on the personalized computers they have throughout the restaurant. These computers have to be reprogrammed whenever a new item is put on the menu or the specials change. We then got to put in our own orders and see how the system works. In all, students said they enjoyed the day and learned how two businesses can operate in one location. Adviser: Mrs. Nikia Hunt Contact: 15