Small Town Times 2-5 - Page 12

(…Counselor’s Corner Continued) November 21, 2016 was a busy day as nine Litchfield students along with many students from around western and central Nebraska attended Career. Search, and Investigate (CSI) at MidPlains Community College in North Platte. Blaine Goodner, Tyler Wood, RaNay Casper, Lori Bay, Jacob Swearingen, Rachel Linden, Dallas Rohde, Chris Paitz, and John Zimmer all attended the program. They were welcomed by a speaker that encouraged all to become self-advocates as they enter college. The students were split into groups according to their Career Cluster. The clusters included Business, Health Sciences, and Skilled and Technical Sciences. The clusters were further broken down into specific career interests such as Business office technology, entrepreneurship, Accounting, nursing--LPN, Associates degree in nursing, dental assistant, paramedic, medical Lab technician, Graphic design, diesel technology, welding, auto body, automotive technology, HVAC, and electrical technology. Students received a quick tour of all of these areas, no matter their choice. Students enjoyed lunch on campus as well as a quick visit from graduate, Justine Pickar. Prior to leaving for home, students were separated according to their career interest and met with an instructor in their career interest area. Some activities our students enjoyed were creating an all about me ad in Graphic Design, learning about entrepreneurship and how they need to take lots of business classes, welding students were able to weld with the college's welders, auto body were impressed by the hood designs created by the students there and our nursing student got to use a stethoscope. Some big "take aways" from the students included learning that welders can make $75/hour and the variety of opportunities available at Mid-Plains CCC. The students were sponsored by Mrs. Poland and Mr. Johnson. GENERAL FUND CLAIMS NOVEMBER, 2016 ACTIVITY JUNIORS 15.00; ALMQUIST, MALTZAHN, GALLOWAY, & LUTH, P.C. 100.00; ANSLEY LUMBER 38.47; ANSLEY PUBLIC SCHOOLS 2329.88; ANSMAR PUBLISHERS, INC 129.80; CANNON BLAUVELT 49.82; CENTRAL COMMUNITY COLLEGE 372.00; CHANNING BETE COMPANY- GUIDANCE BOOKS 89.55; CHARTER BUSINESS 506.03; CULLIGAN WATER CONDITIONING 220.00; DAS STATE ACCOUNTING- CENTRAL FINANCE 238.96; EDUCATIONAL SERVICE UNIT 10 6340.73; EGAN SUPPLY CO 21.78; ESU COORDINATING COUNCIL 300.00; FARMERS CO-OP ASSOCIATION 872.29; FOLLETT LIBRARY RESOURCES 436.04; HEWLETT-PACKARD FINANCIAL SERVICES COMPANY- COMPUTER LEASE 5158.08; HIRERIGHT SOLUTIONS INC 250.00; HOWARD TRANSPORTATION, INC 302.57; ISLAND SUPPLY WELDING CO. 2376.22; J&J SANITATION, INC 195.46; JERRY M ROLFSMEYER DBA JERY’S REPAIR & BODY 1330.12; JONES INSURANCE AGENCY, INC 100.00; KEARNEY QUALITY SEW AND VAC, INC 433.97; KLEIN, SHERRIE 111.76; MCGRAW-HILL 447.47; MENARDS 76.56; NE ASSOC OF SCHOOL BOARDS 651.00; NE COUNCIL SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS 870.00; NEBRASKA CENTRAL TELEPHONE 125.19; NOVUS WINDOWSHIELD REPAIR 115.00; OFFICENET 524.89; OUTDOOR LIFE 8.00; P&D MARKET 63.33; PETTY CASH FUND 1571.02; POST OFFICE 215.00; POWERSCHOOL GROUP LLC 3149.50; QUILL CORPORATION 175.69; SAM’S CLUB 90.00; SCHOLASTIC INC. 79.98; SHERMAN COUNTY TIMES 275.30; SOURCEGAS 166.40; THOMPSON CO. INC 459.01; TRADE WELL PALLET, INC 1700.00; UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA-KEARNEY 3000.00; VILLAGE OF LITCHFIELD 669.51; VOYAGER SOPRIS LEARNING 85.80; WILSON, JOSH 704.82; OCTOBER PAYROLL 166,115.50 12