Small Town Times 2-4 | Page 2

~ Senior Spotlight ~ Photo by LaShaun Scheuffele Full Name: Megan Wood Birthday: February 10, 1999 Nicknames: Megz, Meggie, Megatron Hometown: Mason City, NE Favorite Movie: Hotel Transylvania or God’s Not Dead 1 & 2 Favorite Music Artist: Kristina Craig, Exit 148, Carrie Underwood, Skillet Favorite Hangout: The park in Mason City, Homeward Trail Bible Camp, but honestly, anywhere with my friends is a “great hangout.” Favorite Color: Teal or Turquoise Favorite Subject: Music Favorite Author: Jesus, David Pelzer Favorite Animal: Camel, Pig Favorite TV Show: Criminal Minds, Saving Hope Favorite Hobby: Draw, Write, Talk to Friends Favorite Book/Magazine: A Child Called “It,” FBI Girl, Life on the Front Lines as a Woman in the FBI Most prized possession: My Bible! Favorite Sport: Basketball Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Moser, Mrs. Ellis Favorite Place to Shop: Catos Favorite Thing to do with Friends: Talk, hang out, laugh, make memories Do you have any pets: I have two fish: Alex & Charlie; two cats: Tater Bug & Tugg Dawyne Favorite Actor/Actresses: Sandra Bullock, Adam Sandler, A.J. Cook Favorite Thing to do in your spare time: Be with people & make some memories Favorite School Memory: Probably coming here for the first time and being immediately accepted by everyone. Yes, we do have our fights and arguments but I wouldn’t want any other way! Extracurricular Activities: Quiz Bowl, Speech, One-Act, National Honor Society, FBLA, TADA, Music Programs What are your plans after high school: I plan to attend college, hopefully in Kentucky, and become either a music manager, entertainment attorney, or music teacher. What are your lifetime goals: Be a successful person with a loving family and nice place with amazing friends. Problem that concerns you the most: Not doing well enough on the ACT and college classes and not getting accepted to the school I love! What is unique about you: I love books, camels, and music! I also never wear matching socks, even when performing in speech. I LOVE worksheets! If you could be anyone else who would you be: If I could be anyone else, I would be like Kris Hickey or my grandma. I don’t want to be her, but I would love to be just like her. She is amazing, but honestly I love being Megan Wood. Advice to underclassmen: Don’t wait on anything. You are never over-prepared and as much as you think you are prepared, you really aren’t. Don’t let things scare you or stop you from doing anything! But, most of all the most important thing you can do is to be the best person you can, and do what is best for you regardless of what others want you to do. Be you and shine far! Quote to live by: “It’s not who you are that holds you back; it’s who you think you’re not.” “Someday, everything will make perfect sense. So, for now, laugh at the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.” 2