Small Town Times 2-10 - Page 8

Superintendent’s Report continued… Trap Shoot Building Todd Wardyn will be talking with the board about the Trap shoot building. Co-op Meeting Notes Pages (16-17) The co-op board met last Friday and the notes of that meeting are included for board review. Long Range Planning Pages (18-23) Attached are the results of the long range planning priorities. I have given you the summary for the Board and Administrative team and a second summary of 10 other staff members who completed the form. We will discuss the results and the board’s directions for Wade as the district continues to improve its facilities and its mission. Consider Classified Staff Salary Raises (Information Handed Out at the Meeting) At the meeting after discussion in executive session, the board will be asked to consider classified staff salaries for 2017- 18. I will have a list of the salaries with projections of 2.0, 2.5 and 3.0 % increases for board review. This process is another transition learning process for Mr. Finley as the board prepares to increase salaries for our support staff for next year. Motion: I recommend that the support staff be given a ____ % raise for the 2017-18 school year beginning in September as presented to the board of education. Principal’s Report APRIL 2017 NeSA testing will finish up the last week of April. The 8 th grade will start theirs this week and all Juniors will be taking the ACT on Wednesday, April 19 th . This is a statewide initiative that all Juniors across the state will take ACT including the writing test instead of NeSA. The elementary staff has selected their new reading series. It is Reading Street from Pearson. We are now in the process of lining up some training through Pearson. I attended the 2017 NRCSA Spring Conference on March 23 rd & 24 th . Attended sessions that covered Budgeting & Legal Issues for schools. The 5 th – 12 th grade Spring Music Program will be on April 20 th . The PreK-4 th grade will be on May 4 th . Megan Slocum, Deb Bruce and Jennifer Mostek deserve recognition for stepping up and keeping the kitchen operating in Janice’s absents from having surgery on her foot. They’ve done an excellent job. 5 th and 6 th grade will be going to the Arch on April 25 th . The Kindergarteners will be attending Good Samaritan Hospital (CHI) in Kearney on April 27 th . The 3 rd , 4 th, 5 th & 6 th grades will be taking a field trip to the State Capital on May 1 st . The elementary track meet will be on May 5 th in Ansley. Graduation will be May 6 th at 2:00 and seniors last day will be May 3 rd . On April 20 th and 21 st we will have five of our staff members presenting at the annual NETA conference. This is a great honor and recognition for our teachers to show what they have been doing in their classrooms. The following are the presentations: Nikia Hunt and Leah Kenney -- “Girls in STEM” (Science Technology Engineering and Math) Nikia Hunt & Crystal from ESU 10 – “Gamifying Your Classroom” Jeralynn Moser & Kathryn Sauer – “Researching in Elementary Classroom” Jeralynn Moser & Lauren Heyden – “Blended Education in a K – 12 Classroom” 8