Small Town Times 111 - Page 8

Principal’s Report AUGUST 2016 1. Todd Becker Foundation Presentation: We will be attending the Todd Becker Foundation Presentation on August 24 th in Loup City. We will be taking all High School students. Information will and website about the foundation will be given to parents. 2. TIPO Workshop: The majority of our staff attended the 20 hour technology workshop, (TIPO, Technology Integration Planning Opportunity), put on by Mr. & Mrs. Moser. Very productive and well received by the staff. Very organized by the Moser’s. 3. New Evaluation Model We have introduced the new evaluation tool to the staff and showed them where they can look at it and what and how they will be observed on. I had a sit down meeting with the program develop er at ESU 10 and have shared this information with staff. It will be a process of learning and getting use to the program and model but it will be a positive tool. 4. Power Teacher Pro We had the ESU 10 PowerSchool technical support team here today during our teacher’s meetings to convert to the Power Teacher Pro program. Danielle and I attended a workshop on Thursday the 6th and believe that now would be the time to change over. It seems to be more user friendly and shouldn’t be a difficult switch. Actually, should be easier to use. I heard several teachers comment that they like the updates on the power school. 5. The Juice Scrimmage will be held in Ansley this Friday. 8