Small Town Times 111 - Page 4

New Teacher News By: Joseph Ptacnik Mrs. Leah Kenney grew up in Elm Creek Nebraska, where she also graduated high school. She then furthered her education in Lincoln where she got her minor in Psychology and Communications, then a major in Child, Youth, and Family Studies with a Science Endorsement, and is currently in the process of getting her teacher certificate as she only has a provisional at the moment. Her inspiration to teach at Litchfield came from liking small schools and our location near Kearney where she currently lives. Her inspiration to teach came from having a job in college where she worked at an after-school program and she fell in love with kids. She says the kids are really great and the staff is extremely helpful and kind. The technology is a lot better than most schools and there is always a helpful hand. Mrs. Kenney has two dogs who she loves to death! In her spare time she enjoys bowling, reading, and playing sand volleyball. !!! CORRECTION !!! In the August edition of Small Town Times, the school calendar for this year stated that the last day for seniors would be May 11th, with graduation the following Saturday, May 13th. This is incorrect! The correct dates are: Seniors last day: May 4th, with graduation the following Saturday, May 6th. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. GENERAL FUND CLAIMS AUGUST, 2016 ACADEMIC SUPERSTORE 1937.95; ALMQUIST 104.00; ANDERSON BROS. 2000.00; ANSLEY LUMBER 173.45; ANSLEY PUBLIC SCHOOL 7202.55; BEYOND PLAY 39.85; BUILDERS 48.97; CAMBIUM LEARNING 686.40; CHARTER 578.28; CIT 275.66; CONSTRUCTIVE PLAYTHINGS 631.61; CULLIGAN WATER 105.00; CUSTER COUNTY CHIEF 112.00; CUSTER PUBLIC POWER 2415.06; DAS STATE ACCOUNTING 227.47; BARBARA ELLIS 223.00; ESU 10 8765.95; ESU COORDINATING COUNCIL 59.00; WADE FINLEY 1501.20; HAND 2 MIND 36.71; GOVCONNECTION 1484.37; H & H HAY MOVING 225.00; HEWLETT PACKARD 2579.04; J & J SANITATION 317.86; ISAAC JOEDEMAN 31.30; JESSE JOEDEMAN 667.50; JOSHUA JOEDEMAN 30.80; KAPLAN EARLY LEARNING 643.82; KEVIN’S FLOOR SERVICE 4507.43; MENARDS 420.52; NCSA 747.00; NE SAFETY AND FIRE 520.00; NCTC 54.31; NRCSA 850.00; OFFICE NET 765.92; P & D MARKET 187.42; PEP CO 650.00; PERRY, GUTHERY 120.00; PETTY CASH 1871.84; PLAYTIME EQUIPMENT 40.85; PYRAMID 34.50; RAVENNA NEWS 42.80; SCHOOL MATE 557.95; SCHOOL SPECIALTY 725.88; SHERMAN COUNTY TIMES 20.64; SOURCE GAS 1305.30; TRANE 1278.77; VEX ROBOTICS 1021.49; VILLAGE OF LITCHFIELD 427.40; BERNICE YILK 37.80; AUGUST PAYROLL 161380.58. 4