Small Town Times 111 - Page 13

Litchfield Chapter of FBLA News & U pdates The Litchfield Chapter of FBLA has already been busy planning the school year and welcoming new members! We held our annual “Welcome to FBLA” banana split party on Tuesday, August 23rd. It was a lot of fun and we were excited to welcome some new, younger members as well as welcome back our seasoned FBLA members. We are very pleased with how well-received our new junior high chapter has been. There have been several dues-paid members added from seventh and eighth grade already and we hope to see more follow suit to participate in the next couple of weeks. Additionally, we have already begun fundraising for SLC (State Leadership Conference) which happens in April each year and allows our members and officers to compete against other FBLA chapters and schools across the state for awards and recognition- as well as the opportunity to represent Nebraska at NLC (National Leadership Conference). To continue our annual tradition, FBLA is selling athletic/activity planners. This year they are $8 each and can be picked up at the school or at Town & Country Bank. Our chapter is proud of the support we gain from the community and excited to take opportunities to give back whenever possible. If you would like the assistance of the Litchfield Chapter of FBLA for your planned community service or business project please let us know by emailing our adviser, Mrs. Hunt, at: OR (308) 870-4540 (personal cell) If you would like to continue to support the Litchfield Chapter of FBLA by becoming a professional member for $25, please contact Mrs. Hunt or fill out the application online at: Select “Become a Professional Division Member,” then select “Nebraska, Litchfield Chapter” as your credited chapter. If your business would like to be featured (advertised) at our State Leadership Conference in April (where it will be widely seen by area youth, businesspersons, parents, and the media) please contact Mrs. Hunt for more information. 13