Small Business Today Magazine MAR 2016 AMERICAN SERVICES - Page 17

Kazakh culture is very hierarchical. Everyone has their own distinct place in society based on family and relationships. Much respect and deference is given to elders. Very often, when asked why things are done a certain way, the common reply is that this is “the way of the elders.” It is not surprising that they are often consulted for major decision making. In Kazakh business, dress is fairly conservative. Men usually wear suits with ties especially when dealing with government officials. Women also dress in conservative suits and dresses. It is important to note that high value is placed on footwear. Men usually wear stylish shoes and women usually wear heels or stilettos. Regardless of the shoe style, it will reflect well on you if your shoes are clean and well polished. When negotiating with Kazakhs, it is important to maintain patience. Small talk is usually employed first before moving on t