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The Business , Science & Technology Center of the San Francisco Public Library Presents :

How to Become a Small Business Paid Speaker

Thursday , March 16th , 5:30-7:30 PM . Lower Floor ; Latino / Hispanic Room

Whether you ' re a small business owner or sales professional , the goal is always the same ; get in front of your core audience and close the deal . One of the best ways to accomplish this is by sharing your expertise with your target audience thru public speaking . But how do you get started ? How do you make money at it ? And where do you find speaking opportunities ?
Join speaker , bestselling author and radio personality Tony Wilkins as he shares his tips for ... Top ways to get paid for speaking ; the tools every speaker needs to get hired , how to determine what to speak about , the difference between pro bono and paid gigs and why both are important , how to engage your audience to get more speaking gigs , determining what to charge to speak and more ...