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Byline article by Simone Milasas Article for Tony Wilkins-Small Business Opportunities Magazine
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2 . Choose Gratitude
Gratitude often gets overlooked but it is one of the most dynamic tools for changing things .
When you receive money , are you grateful for every dollar , every cent , that comes into your life or do you tend to think , “ That ’ s not much ,” “ It will cover this bill ,” “ I wish I had more ”? What if , whenever money came in , and whenever money went out , you were grateful ?
To increase your gratitude with money , try this : For every dollar that comes in , stop and say , “ Thank you . I am so glad this showed up . Can I have more please ?” And , for every dollar that goes out , for every bill you pay , take a moment to say , “ Thank you . I am so grateful that I have electricity for another month . What would it take for this money to come back to me 10 times ?”
This is one of my favorite questions . One time , I paid a lady who did an incredible foot massage for me . As I handed over the money , I playfully said out loud , “ What would it take for this to come back to me times 10 ?” The lady looked at me rather oddly . Later she came up to me and said , “ I didn ’ t think I could ask money to come back to me when I paid it out . I thought that would be disrespectful or something . But the way you said it , it was with such gratitude and joy , it was such an invitation . I am going to use that with everything from now on !”
When you are willing to play with money , be grateful for money and be grateful for what you have , more can show up .
3 . Stop Wishing and Start Creating
How often do you put things on a wish list , hoping that it will show up , but not taking action to create it ?
I see so many people who do not want to commit to having a different financial reality , but they still want all the results . They say , “ I wish I had a million dollars .” They complain or go into the trauma and drama of what they do not have , yet they do not take a single step towards changing it .
What if today , you started writing down a list of what you desire to create in