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Byline article by Simone Milasas Article for Tony Wilkins-Small Business Opportunities Magazine
Money Is a Touchy Subject - But Here ' s How You Get Out Of Debt , Joyfully
Have you ever noticed just how touchy the topic of money is ? It ’ s not a subject most people discuss openly . Growing up , some of us were taught that it was impolite to talk about money or in some cases flat out wrong and many of us have carried these points of view over to adulthood . Perhaps you still feel uncomfortable when the topic of money comes up .
What if there was a way to be relaxed about money and to actually approach it from an open , curious and dare I say even playful way ? What if that is what is required to get out of debt and change your financial situation ?
Here are three of the tools that I used to go from $ 187,000 in debt to abundance … and it was easier than you might think .
I ’ m not saying it will happen overnight , but , if you are willing to daily choose to put these tools into practice and daily choose to keep moving forward , you can have more joy , more ease and more fun with money .
Tools for Getting Out of Debt - Joyfully :
1 . Stop Ignoring Your Finances
If money is a topic you have avoided , you may wish to start by taking an honest look at your current money situation . How much debt do you have ? What are your expenses ? What would you like your life to be like and how much money would it take for you to live - joyfully ? And , going beyond the numbers of your finances , what does money mean to you ? What emotions do you have around it ? Joy ? Peace ? Gratitude ? Or stress ? Anxiety ? Frustration ?
Taking an honest look at your finances is not about judging you . Rather , it ’ s about getting a clear picture of where you are today so that you can start to ask , “ What ’ s it going to take to change this ?” And , then start making the choices to do just that . You can change anything if you are willing to look at