SLS Mirror Sept - Oct 2017 | Page 20

PDPU Open Tennis Championship

PDPU OPEN TENNIS CHAMPIONSHIP , WOMEN ' S SINGLES ROAD TO FINAL- The PDPU open tennis championship 2017 women ' s singles �nal concluded on the 31st of October after 6 days of intense tennis competition . The game saw the participation of players from all over the country . Out of which two players made it to the �nal . The trophy was lifted by Kosambi Sinha .
The journey to �nal started with Sinha winning the �rst round without giving away a single game to her opponent with the score of 6-0 . This made her reach the quarter �nal and once again defeat her opponent by 6-0 . Semi-�nal was an arduous competition where both the players hailed from a good position in the ranking table . But Sinha sailed through the semis with a score of 8-4 as the format changed to best of 15 games .
The women ' s singles round saw the breath-taking �nal slam on 31st October 2017 at 2:00 pm . Both the players took proud in being the two best players from the league . The match went on for an hour . Sinha ended the match with the score of 6-2 in the �rst set and 6-0 in the second , which made her the 3rd women ' s singles to win the PDPU Open Tennis Championship title .