SLS Mirror Sept - Oct 2017 | Page 17

Workshop on “R” software Department of Psychology organized a workshop on “R” software on October 9, 2017. The workshop was conducted by Mr Toby Mammen, Faculty of Market Research at ICFAI Business School. 60 Psychology and Economics students attended the workshop. Mr Toby started the guest lecture by dening 'research'. He said research is having a curiosity, also having a certain framework and methodology in place. He also explained terms like 'Fundamental Law' and 'Quality of Decision Making' in Research. Furthermore he mentioned few aspects like Domain Expertise, Research Method Expertise, Technique Expertise and Software Tools Expertise which are utmost skills required in 21st century for the research and the researcher. The session focused on the 'R' software used for statistical data analysis. R is program friendly, it interprets language, data storage, analysis and graphing. It is also the most comprehensive software. It consists of variety of statistical (line and nonlinear modeling, classical statistical tests, time- series analysis classication, clustering) and graphical techniques too which are highly extensible. R software supports extensions and 11,000 packages are a part of the program. Mr Toby mentioned that the software is student friendly and may be used for data manipulation, calculation and graphical display in research work. The advantages of the software are: it has large, coherent, integrated collection of intermediate tools for analysis, it is cross platform and works on any software, it can also connect with SPSS & SAS. A major advantage of this program is that it is a free download software. Mr Toby concluded the session by giving us information about various websites, blogs and online workshops which the stakeholders could refer to and use for their research work. 15