SLS Mirror Sept - Oct 2017 | Page 15

Arthsamvaad III

The anchor then welcomed Mr Jena to speak on Entrepreneurship . Mr Jena explained the pros and cons of entrepreneurship as a career and shared his own journey of entrepreneurship . He explained how the career of an entrepreneur is not stable like that of a salaried worker and how the entrepreneurial skills require foreseeing the expected business revenues , changing business environment , consumer preferences and market mood . He explained these using real-life examples and also stressed on the need for wealth management during periods of high and low income . His lecture was found very useful by students looking for a career in business development which re�ected in the queries posted by students in the interactive session held after it . The anchor thanked Mr Jena for his insightful lecture and invited Mr Siddharth Shah for his talk .
Mr . Siddharth Shah elucidated about �nancial wisdom and the importance of a spending plan along with the risks involved in investment . According to him , �xed deposits are the simplest tool of investment and at the same time a disastrous one as it ' s simply a way of preserving money instead of wealth creation . He emphasised upon starting to invest early in order to save more in the future . Further , he corroborated the above statement with practical examples and numerical �gures . He explained that after deciding to invest , the primary requirement is to take a term insurance and a Mediclaim . He feels this as a crucial and a secure initial step . A golden rule of investment - ' Invest early , invest regularly and invest long term ' was illustrated at great length . In addition , having a money blue print seems pertinent in order to create wealth . Citing a book ' Secrets of millionaire mind ', he talked about being an entrepreneur , a never complaining attitude , committing to be rich etc . In summary , the lecture was informative as it threw light upon wealth management and its importance , when to invest , how to invest , and how to tackle the risks involved .