SLS Mirror November 2017 - Page 7

Guest Talk On Neuropsychology Of Violence & Crime Detection Techniques The department of Psychology organized a guest talk on “Neuropsychology of Violence & Crime Detection Techniques” on 8th November 2017. Dr. Priyanka Kacker, an Assistant professor from Gujarat Forensic Sciences University was invited for the guest talk. Having an experience of 8 years, Dr. Kacker has specialized in Neuropsychology, clinical psychology and hypnotherapy. Dr. Kacker opened the session by stating “We all are somehow related to crime and anti-social activities.” Later on the Characteristics and causes of Violent behaviour were discussed. She mentioned that when the basic needs (Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs) of an individual are not satised then he may commit crimes and anti-social activities. Further she discussed the Neuropsychological factors leading to criminal behaviour like Schizophrenia, OCD, past experiences. A case of Chhara community of Gujarat, known as born criminals was discussed. Oher well known cases such as “Arushi- murder case” and “Nithari serial-killer case” were discussed from the aspect of Criminal psychology. Furthermore she threw light upon various psychological tests and instruments used by forensic scientists such as polygraph test, narco analysis, forensic hypnosis, fMRI, Brain ngerprinting and Brain Mapping. The inquisitiveness of the students stimulated a very interesting discussion and coordinated very well by Nishmin Unwalla and Jasleen Sahni, students of SLS'16. Program Coordinator Dr. Ritu Sharma, highlighted the scope of internship opportunities for Students in this area in collaboration with GFSU. 5