SLS Mirror November 2017 - Page 15

Creative writing workshop interpretations began on the characters, plots and twist giving a revision of the topics taught from the beginning of the workshop. It came to a circle. Over and all this workshop was a creatively liberating experience for the students who were not only educated about the vital blocks of writing but also the history of crime ction and what makes Salil Desai still tick to write one. His tips on writing and his teaching ignited the writers-to-be. The workshop concluded with a small closing ceremony graced by Prof.(Dr) Nigam Dave, Director SLS, Dr. Harmik Vaishnav, Dr. Urmi Satyan , Ms. Niyati Shah and coordinator of the workshop Ms. Neeta Khurana. Dr. Nigam Dave congratulated all on successful completion of the workshop and complemented the expert Mr. Salil Desai. All the participants were given certicates and the workshop concluded with tea and refreshments. The workshop concluded successfully and all students hoped that many such workshops would be organized in near future too. 13