SLS Mirror November 2017 - Page 12

Creative writing workshop The Department of Languages, Literature and Aesthetics at School of Liberal Studies, PDPU organized a three day creative writing workshop, from November 14-16, 2017, with the acclaimed author Salil Desai based in Pune. With the cordial coordination of Prof. Neeta Khurana and the department, twenty-ve participants came under one roof to explore the nuances of popular ction and writing. Salil Desai, an alumnus of FTII, journalist and a novelist, popular for penning “Three and a half murder” discussed a wide spectrum of topics as he engaged the young minds with spontaneous writing exercises, the content analyzing and open discussions. The workshop was carried out over the course of three days with activities and creative intentions etched right in place for students to make most of the workshop. On day one, in order to set the right expectations, the students were asked to introduce themselves, what were their motivations to attend the workshop and what they look forward to. From the minute concepts of words, sentence and paragraphs to the building of a character and a situation, all the topics were discussed and the students unlearned and re-learned the basics. Analyzing content is an important part in the process of creativity and writing and to facilitate the same the students were distributed a handout of a short story to make a note of tight sentences and the beginning paragraphs of famous texts to absorb and discuss what makes for an interesting read. 10