SLS Mirror November 2017 - Page 10

Lecture on Indian Philosophy Gandhi Is A Storm; Be Careful Two unique things about India shall be noted. This is the only country where political activists were proliļ€c writers. In the west this was an uncommon sighting. And two, The British made no use of violence in enslaving India. Thus Gandhi's ingenuity of making a hermeneutic interpretation of Gita as a text of non-violence is co-authored by the nature of British entry in India which was sans violence. Thus Gandhi showed us the way in using the oppressor as the enabler of thinking. The vote of Thanks was delivered by Ms. Niyati Shah, academic co-ordinaror who remarked that she was highly moved by the use of metaphors of the speaker and wished to have more such interactions with him. The talk was followed by a question answer session. Prof. Raju was highly impressed by the nature and depth of the questions asked by students of the SLS. After the talk, the students presented the speaker with a life-sized card with appreciative remarks signed by each of them as a mark of their gratitude. Prof. Raju also had a small interaction with the faculty of the Department of Languages, Literature and Aesthetics where he was invited to visit again and conduct a workshop of a longer duration. Students presented him with a thank you card for his inputs which he immensely liked and cherished. 8