SLS Mirror May-June 2017 - Page 5

Admission Entrance Exam Celebration time wasn't over yet, as the main task was on the oor. The time was near when the applications were about to close and preparations for the entrance exam was about to start. Again the tasks and duties which were related to the arrangements of entrance exam were divided and assigned to all of us. It involved with the arranging of examination kits, preparing kits for faculties & new students, making seating arrangements for writing exam and distributing students under different panels & sending invitations for the panel interviews. After the hardwork of endless days & nights, the time had come where we had to showcase our hardwork on the oors of Admission Entrance Exam 2017 which was going to held for 3 days from 17th – 19th June, 2017.It was divided into two parts where writing exam was conducted in the rst half all over the centers at the same time & next two and a half of the days with the interview sessions. With these our rst part of the admission process was over but the next process of fee payment was lined up which brought duties duties on our shoulders but we faced it together and the result was in front of you. The crowd was so passionate to become the part of SLS family that, the Admission Committee received overwhelming responses during the application & fee payment processes. The processes for 2017 admissions intake were now over. It was a great honour to be a representative of university during the counseling sessions. Gaining faculties' trust & support at all times was one of the biggest cheer for us. It was hands on experience for everyone where we were exposed to the hierarchy of the ofce with its culture, rules & regulations, responsibilities, tasks/duties, etc and able to enhance our skills. With achieving not only unpredictable targets but we also created a bond during the quest which was going to last forever. Being a part of SLS is like you are very close to your own family and friends. We would like to thank the entire management team of School Of Liberal Studies, PDPU for providing the fresher's batch to get with these many amazing hands on lifetime experience with our skills brushed up. - Harshit Goyal, SLS 16 3