SLS Mirror May-June 2017 - Page 4

Admission Entrance Exam IT'S YOUR ACT, and the announcement was made in 2016 batch for the New Admission Committee 2017 in order to quest for the new& young liberating minds. The expressions of excitement were seen on each student's face. The committee was under the mentorship of Director of SLS, admission ofce & seniors. First, the committee was being counseled about SLS and its admission policy and also about the pedagogy of liberal arts education. The incoming of visitors for counseling sessions slowly changed the atmosphere with people's interest in joining the quest for SLS Admissions 2017. Once the journey to fulll the quest was begun the committee were introduced with several tasks needed to be performed on daily basis such as, counseling sessions, documentation, designing, logistics, administrative and time to time many other responsibilities too. The days started to pass by with increasing of visitors and we started off with publicizing our university. We got in touch with students through different educational institutes, counseling sessions in education fairs and in different parts of India. We distributed leaets and gave campus tours during the counseling sessions. By time application forms were online and with that our responsibilities in documentation &online data management of application forms with solving queries in application forms. But we were not alone. From receiving curious &passionate crowd of visitors who kept our spirits red up all the time during the counseling sessions, unknowingly, 24 × 7 we had been receiving tremendous amount of support & cheer from our beloved SLS family at all times. With the help of different faculties & volunteers, counseling sessions were conducted in different cities of India helped us achieving our weekly targets and release of exam centers across the selected cities reminded us about how time ew away so quickly and still so much work were left. While counseling parents & students about the Liberal Arts education, by side we were also gaining an in – depth knowledge about our very own course structure, helping us to understand the SLS pedagogy. 2